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My Story

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'I paint flowers so they will not die' - Frida Kahlo

Hi there, I'm Kate.  I am an artist, designer and writer. 

Nature inspires me, but my art is not simply a reiteration of the physical appearance of the natural world. I have synaesthesia and so I strive to document the visual images which nature impresses on me, interpreting its smell, voice, texture, the way the air tastes. 

Painting how I feel, rather than what I see, opens up the opportunity for the viewer to play a more active role in interpreting the work. My paintings capture the giddy euphoria of standing amongst a riot of wildflowers, or the calm from resting in the quiet coolness of a pine wood. I paint spring, detonating. I paint autumn, blazing.

The majority of my work is based on memory. I allow memories of an experience, say a walk in the pine woods, to settle before I attempt to paint them. Some of my paintings are memories that stretch back, even into childhood. Memory is a tricky creature. We are all made of lies. Call them stories, if you will. Minds are untidy, overgrown places. Wonderful and terrible, in equal measure. They spill out what they will. I catch them in wild brushstrokes, in careful lines.

I live in Cheltenham, England with my best human, husband and co-founder of web agency, Pixelsmiths. We've just finished renovating our bright and airy Regency town flat, but we dream of living by the sea.

You can find a gallery of my work here. Please feel free to contact me about works for sale or commissions. I'm keeping a journal which includes more information on what inspires me, as an artist. It will also be a repository of gentle, whimsical prose, which I write daily.

Thanks for stopping by!

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